Asbestos Removal Sydney

Our team of qualified and licensed personnel specialise in Asbestos Removal.  Asbestos was frequently utilised as a building material during the years before the hazards of using it were realised, and it appears in numerous buildings in various situations. Asbestos cement products range from ceilings, walls, roofs, eaves, gutters, awnings, fences, extensions, sunrooms, kitchens,  bathrooms, garages.

Asbestos and other hazardous materials can only be identified by our licensed specialists and hence removed with the utmost care by professionals who are experienced and trained in the safe removal of all hazardous building waste. Our professional expertise in hazardous material remediation ensures that the complete removal of asbestos is done safely and in adherence to WorkCover standards.

Due to its hazardous nature, asbestos should always be disposed of with the utmost care in order to minimise its effect on the environment and local population. Our company, as well as providing effective asbestos removal, also provides excellent disposal service. We are happy to answer any questions concerning asbestos & asbestos removal cost in Sydney.

Our Asbestos Removal Service includes:

  • Asbestos Clearance Certificate
  • Our Asbestos Licence
  • Workcover NSW Demolition and Asbestos removal Permit is organised and takes 5 days to receive
  • Our Public Liability Insurance of 20 Million which also covers Asbestos
  • Air Monitoring, Asbestos Clearance Certificates by independent Asbestos Assessors and Hygienists
  • Neighbour notification of demolition and asbestos removal is done by us prior any works on site.

Our Mission

‘With a focus on delivering the highest quality residential demolition services in Sydney within the set budget and time frame, ANESTI Excavation & Demolition are your #1 experts for all demolition jobs. We have been noticed by many builders across the state as a superior team as you can see below. We have a highly trained team with over 30 years of experience who know the importance of completing a flawless demolition and minimising any errors to make YOU the customer satisfied!’

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