preliminary demolition stages

Stages to be complete

This schedule outlines tasks that need to be completed before a Demolition Date is set, outlined below are the stages to be completed by you the customer or your builder; please click on the links for further information and instructions.

Duration: 2-5 Weeks

Demolition approval must be in place before we can commence any site works. This can be attained by applying directly to your local council or through a private certifier. We can assist you to attain your Demolition CDC through our private certifier, please email us, for additional information.


Once your demolition approval is in place, email your approved documents and stamped plans to for review of conditions.

Duration: 8 – 12 Weeks

Development DA/CDC, stamped plans, construction certificate (CC) and arborist report/tree plan (if applicable) are to be emailed to for review of conditions associated to demolition works.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Customer to email, confirming the property is vacant and empty of all possessions and loose rubbish.
Any items, structures, trees, shrubs etc. that are to remain are to be clearly marked with barrier tape, spray paint and labelled “DO NOT REMOVE” and photos to be emailed.


If applicable:
If pool on site is to be removed, client is to drain all water and provide images to confirm complete.


Site is handed over to AED at this point of time with NO ENTRY allowed after this stage.

Duration: 21 Days

Customer to organize gas abolishment of the meter and disconnection of the services from the street mains, through retailer provider and email abolishment confirmation to


Please contact Jemena if you require further assistance on 1300 137 078 or click this link for further information:

Duration: 21 Days

Customer to organize the disconnection of the NBN service, power supply and collection of the NBN asset (box attached to dwelling) by NBN Co. Disconnection confirmation from NBN to be emailed to

Please contact NBN Co. for further assistance 1800 687 626.

Duration: 2-3 Weeks

As per demolition contract all power supply is to be disconnected from the street mains by engaging a Level 2 electrician.
If you/builder are arranging the disconnection the following must be emailed to

⦁ Photographs displaying no services connected to site and the corresponding power poles showing no connection
⦁ Written confirmation from Level 2 electrician verifying the services have been disconnected

If there is a Private Meter on your site, you must organise for it to be collected by your energy provider and provide written confirmation to

If you do install both temporary power pole and/ temporary power supply must be disconnected, and pole removed prior to the commencement of our works. Our machinery WILL remove and dispose of the pole if left on site.

Duration: 7 Days

As per demolition contract temporary protection of adjoining areas is to be erected prior to any Demolition/Excavation and construction works commencing onsite and must be kept in place until after the completion of Demolition works.

Temporary hoarding/construction site fence must be minimum 1800mm in height, braced with clamps and concrete feet to ensure stability, and a combination lock to provide security. 

If you/builder is installing the temporary fencing, photographs are to be emailed to showing installation as per Council and SafeWork requirements i.e. site completely secured from public access.

A staging cost of $1,840.00 will be charged if the site fencing is not installed by the agreed start date of works and our team arrives on site to commence the works as per the Demolition Contract.

Duration: Approx. 2-14 Days (if applicable, refer to DA/CDC conditions)

⦁ You/Builder/Private Certifier are to notify Local Council prior to demolition work commencement, a copy is to be emailed to

⦁ You/Builder/Private Certifier are to arrange for council pre-commencement of any works inspection and ensure all conditions are in place and satisfied. Written confirmation from council to proceed with works is to be emailed to, once inspection is completed and approved by council inspector (failure to provide confirmation may incur staging costs).

Duration: 2 Weeks

All preliminary tasks verified in our system, the operations team will schedule your job to commence within 2 weeks of this date.

What we have done to prepare you for the commencement of site works?

⦁ Assistance to attain demolition CDC approval

⦁ Reviewed CDC/DA for demolition and development for conditions specific to your site

⦁ Waste Management Plans and statements of environmental effects

⦁ Dial before you dig search 

⦁ Waste locate notification

⦁ Certificate of Currency of our Demolition Licence 

⦁ Certificate of Currency of our Asbestos Licence

⦁ Our Workers Compensation certificate of currency

⦁ Our Public Liability Insurance of $10 Million which also covers Asbestos

⦁ Safe work Method statement documentation written specifically for your site

⦁ Safe Work NSW Demolition and Asbestos removal Permits attained

⦁ Neighbour notifications mailed

⦁ Liaise with builder to prepare you for commencement of works


Demolition CDC/DA Conditions must be in place prior to commencing demolition works.

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