Reclaimed Timber
As part of our commitment to the environment, we recycle and reuse as many building materials as possible, and this includes the reclamation of a huge variety of timber. Sourced from buildings we have, or are due to be, demolished, we carefully remove as much timber as we can, ensuring only the highest quality wood is then reused.
Our selection of reclaimed timber is available in a variety of lengths, types and widths and includes everything from floorboards, doors and beams to kindling, panels and railway sleepers. Ideal for construction jobs, our reclaimed timber provides a high quality building material and it also perfect for creating unique, vintage style furniture.

Reclaimed Wooden Flooring
Here at ANESTI we recycle and reuse as many building materials as we can, and this includes the reclamation of original wooden flooring. Our recycled floorboards are sourced from demolition projects, often from period, Victorian properties, where they are carefully lifted and removed ready for reclamation.
Once sourced, they are methodically de-nailed and checked for breakages and weak points and after this process only the best quality flooring is selected for sale. Our original floorboards can add character to your property, creating a stunning, vintage feel, and are also a cost-effective flooring method.

Reclaimed Wooden Flooring
Our wide selection of floorboards ensure there is something perfect for every individual requirement and our dedicated team of experts can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your application. So to add a striking feature to your home or commercial property, and to invest in environmentally-friendly, recycled wood, call us about our authentic, original wooden flooring today!

Brick Reclamation Services
Using reclaimed bricks can give your building project at totally unique appearance thanks to the distinctive and natural weathering and wear of the bricks. As such, we reclaim as many usable bricks as possible from our demolition services and clean them up ready to be recycled into a new building.

Georgian and Victorian bricks, especially, are popular as they have a distinctive, classical appearance that is sought after in many modern builds that are trying to create a more traditional feel. Also, reclaimed bricks are the ideal solution for extensions and refurbishment projects on older properties as the reclaimed bricks will complement the original ones.

We can assist both trade customers and private buyers and will always try to find the perfect match of colour and shade where necessary.  With our large stock of reclaimed bricks, collected over years of demolition work, you can rely on our range of colours, textures and shapes to provide the ideal solution for your design.

Why not give us a call for more information? Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our reclaimed bricks.